I'm Brittany Wolfe --- The SINGING PSYCHIC


Singing Psychic Brittany Wolfe is the creator of the Mindful, Magic, & Mystic Membership, bringing you accessible and affordable self-discovery and self-compassion through visualization and vibration. Through sound, the psyche and spirit attune. Through subconscious inquiry, the body and brain align. Using their psychic intuition, vocal sound healing, and trauma-informed hypnotherapy and guided imagery, Brittany relaxes the mind, integrates the body, and liberates the soul.


Through channeled vocals and the process of emotional alchemy, Brittany's music transcends genres and minds.


Words and Things brought to you from the lens of a non-binary, queer singing psychic on a mission to decolonize and emotionally alchemize. 

Psychic Reading

Psychic since three, Brittany has offered her gift to many for over 17 years. All that is needed to be seen arrives. All that is needed to be released is let go. All that needs to be held is given space. 

Voice Activation

Sing yourself to health.

Through sound-making, somatic experiencing, and soulful exploration of the spirit and body, this offering gifts the participant with liberation of story and the sounds of the body. Enriched with emotional alchemy and self-discovery, space is given for the sounds that need to be unleashed, freed, and transmuted. 

Conscious Coaching

Root Down & Rise Up.

Expand the conscious mind in this wakeful life through mindfulness mentorship. 

Explore the subconscious mind to illuminate patterns and belief systems no longer serving you.

Enliven the superconscious, accessing your intuition and divine center. ROOT DOWN into your being and RISE UP through soulful knowing. You are the answer you've been looking for. 


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