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What I Do


Psychic and singing onstage since three-years-old offers a juxtaposition​ of "out there" and "in here" at an early age. Defenseless against childhood sexual abuse, I was acutely aware as a small human just how much power I had beyond this reality and how much power can easily be taken away from me within this body.

Sound was my savior. Song is still my healer. Songwriting since eleven, I felt the funnel of words fall into my consciousness and escape through pen on paper. My intuitive nature has always been in complete relationship with my music, performance, and improvisation.

From Littleton, Colorado to Bangalore, India, and many places in between, I explored throughout the last decade+ to express all that I am and all that is channeled through in ways that are both tangible and digestible to this world. Doing this all while being the absolute source of healing I always needed. 

Sound Healing and Songwriting have been my personal modes of this healing work, alchemizing past traumas and moving through stories stuck in the bones of this body. 

Through clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing), I have been channeling and connecting psychically since childhood. As an adult, I benefited from my intuition as a path of empowerment, self-awareness, and transformation through trauma. This ability gifted me with great insight and liberation. I knew I wanted to gift this to others for the decolonization of this nation and the liberation of all bodies and beings. Ready for clarity on your path to empowerment? More here.

Trained and certified as a trauma-informed hypnotherapist and guided imagery practitioner, I expanded my gifts of self-expression and intuition into the healing modalities that showed me wholeness. By accessing every level of my consciousness through somatic experiencing, hypnotherapy, and meditation, I was able to see the patterns of stuck-ness, limiting belief systems, and cruel self-talk. Each modality offered a unique opening. The doors presented themselves to me and all I needed to do was walk through. But I could not seem to do this alone. This is why mentors have been extraordinarily impactful along my journey. Whether psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, professor, or spiritual leader, I have been able to enter each truth of my past and door to my present because of the space held for me. This has been my motivation for this work, to hold others and offer liberation, clarity, and the ability to trust oneself just as I have received previously. Now combining all modalities; meditation, sound healing, psychic intuition, hypnotherapy, and guided imagery, I offer a unique coaching experience with mindfulness mentorship through Conscious Coaching. Find out more here.

The Work appeared years ago without form. I only knew of service, offering space, guiding others through their own divine connection and emotional alchemy. Now it is clear, formulated, and in motion.


As a certified hypnotherapist and guided imagery practitioner, I am able to offer insight and self-exploration through visualization and relaxation.


As a trauma-trained coach and well-being practitioner, I hold space for each nugget of harm, wisdom, and brilliance that arises.


Through sound healing and psychic intuition, I offer clarity where there appears to be none and gift a path, both tangible and metaphysical, to move through and welcome each piece of the whole being.

I offer Psychic Readings for those desiring to see the paths before them to illuminate what action or inaction will create current and future realities. 

Through Conscious Coaching, you will be given the space to welcome radical self honesty while holding yourself in absolute kindness. This offering aids in the exploration of your own divine nature while honing the ability to be so fully awake, present, and alive. It is possible to be both grounded and explorative. Through vertical living, you can get clear on what stabilizes you, what limits you, and what assists in your expansion.

Self-discovery awaits!

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