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Conscious Coaching is the deep dive into each level of consciousness through superconscious, subconscious, and conscious-wakeful life.

  • Superconscious

 The definition of superconscious is; transcending human or normal consciousness​. Coaching the superconscious means to give space to your own divine intuition so that trust in self can be birthed through intuitive empowerment. 

  • Subconscious

This area of the mind is in charge of belief systems and therefore unconscious thoughts and actions based on life patterns and limitations. Becoming clear with what belief systems are no longer serving you liberates the whole being into conscious action and awareness.

  • Conscious

Through this self-awareness in your conscious-wakeful life, you have more choice within your thinking, rooting you in beliefs and patterns that holistically serve you rather than detour you.


Vertical living from the foundation of who you are to the expansion of how you are meant to be. Roots to sky, it's time to rise.

You can expect three sessions over Zoom, each 60 minutes long, that will combine subconscious discovery through hypnotherapy, mindfulness mentorship for the conscious mind, and intuitive visioning for easier access to your own intuition.


Expect to be empowered through self-exploration and widen your ability to be radically kind to yourself.


This is the opportunity to shed your shit and become your own guru.

By clicking BOOK IT, you'll be guided to a form that allows me to get to know you a bit better. From there, I will respond via email with a scheduling link.


Once scheduled, you will receive both invoice and Zoom link via email. Payment plans are available. Please mention in the last question in the Booking Form if this interests you. 

Scheduling each session can be flexible and fluid. I have clients who like to meet three weeks in a row, take a week off, and come back the next month. I have other clients who prefer every other week, or even once a month.

Life isn't linear even if the systems of our lives are. Everyone's pace is different. This process not only gives permission for diversity in pace but honors and greatly values when you can be honest, insightful, and conscious about your own timeline.


Come as you are. Whatever is arising on the week/day/hour of our session, know that this offering is meant to hold what is present and alive. 

Similarly to psychic readings, please GET CLEAR on your intention. What is moving through for you right now? What is arising? What wants your attention? By entering into self reflection before our session, you are allowing yourself to go even deeper, finding truths more easily, and honestly, getting your money's worth out of this experience. 

If you do the work, it works. ;) Cheesy AND true.


Self-discovery awaits!

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