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How will I receive my psychic reading?

Your psychic reading will be recorded from the scheduled audio Zoom call and sent to you via email immediately after the reading. You can choose between a 30 min. or 75 min. reading.

Do you offer Live/Zoom psychic readings?

Yes, all psychic readings are offered via a live zoom meeting. Because I connect auditorily and visual stimulation is distracting to the channeling experience, the Zoom meeting is AUDIO ONLY. 

What does your psychic ability look like? Are you a medium? Do you use tarot, runes, or astrology?

I have intellectual understanding of tarot, runes, and astrology. I do integrate astrological themes within my content and collective channeling. However, psychic readings are personalized divine downloads. Each reading can be wildly diverse from one to the other because we all have such different lessons to learn in this lifetime. 

I am NOT a medium. Loved ones may come to visit during a psychic reading but this is rare. As a channel, I often see the paths, stories, and situations of a client in my mind like a movie (clairvoyance). I also feel very strongly into the body and health of each client (clairsentience). Mostly, the reading flows through me as information funneled straight into my own psyche (claircognizance).

I am also NOT a fortune teller. I am a truth teller. I communicate what I see, hear, and sense and offer this as guidance along your journey to see in the darkness of your own shadows. I've done my job when you feel empowered, clear, and trust in your own knowing above all else. Channeling is simply another self-healing tool so that information can be shared to move through the challenges of life. 

What is Psychic Singing?

Psychic Singing is my personal practice of channeling through sound beyond the intellect. All too often humans want to control and KNOW. By channeling sounds from other realms, the psychic singing bypasses the "need to know" and moves into the somatic and spiritual centers of each listeners. Whatever is ready to be worked through, transmuted, or alchemized has the space, capacity, and sounds to assist in this process. 

Learn more about my process and journey with sound healing here.

How do I prepare for a Psychic Reading?

Get Clear. What is arising for you at this time? What are you unclear about? What situations or relationships are weighing on you? BE OPEN. The more open you are energetically to this experience, the more information comes through for me to translate. YOU play a huge part in this experience. We are in this together. 

How do I prepare for Voice Activation?

Enter with bravery and vulnerability. Be honest. The more you arrive with openness and willingness, the more we can enjoy the process together. Many think this offering is scary, and yet, the testimonials I receive time and time again say how joyful and playful this process is. Deep work doesn't have to be exhausting. Liberation can be fun! 

How do I prepare for Conscious Coaching?

You don't. ;) Coaching each level of consciousness; conscious mind (self-awareness), subconscious mind, and the superconscious, provides us with so much juicy information and also invites absolute presence. Whatever is arriving is what's meant to be heard and worked through. Stay curious. Let's see what arises!


Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations is required. Cancellations made less than 24 hours are subject to a 50% charge of your session fee.


All of my services are intended to provide clarity, emotional processing, and insight. These offerings provide empowerment, liberation, self expression, self-compassion, and clear direction. My services are never a substitute for professional medical assistance or psychotherapy. Please seek help when you need it. 

Regarding any and all of the content I provide on this website, Patreon, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook - DO NOT  listen while operating machinery of any kind or driving a vehicle. 


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