Sound Healing

Channeled from the ethers, Brittany's psychic singing brings well-being to the whole being.


Alleviating and alchemizing physical ailments, emotional overwhelm, and mental fatigue and confusion, these sounds offer the listener a new way of seeing themselves, holding themselves, and caring for themselves. 

Sound Healing and other mindful goodness available now through Patreon.

Lost At Sea is the transmutation of past traumas and the embodiment of Brittany's boldness, bareness, and bravery. 


Brittany offers the listener the vertical experience of grounding lyrics and ethereal vocals. Listen in and venture beyond this realm while still rooted through songwriting steeped in stories of this reality. 

Lost at Sea3.jpg

Soul Soundscape + Spiritual Support

Soul Soundscape™ is the vocalizing of the listener's soul for a purpose of transmuting the emotion, situation, or challenge being experienced.​ Through this mirror, grief is able to be expressed, wonder is able to be seen, and emotional alchemy is able to take place. 

This series invites the spiritual well-being of all who listen through the collaboration between two sisters, Katherine Newell, CEO of The Faith Space, and Brittany Wolfe, the Singing Psychic. 

50% of all proceeds goes to The Faith Space

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