Psychic Reading

Channeled through claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, Brittany offers insight from the ethers. Whether seeking clarity within a life event, relationship, or within yourself, this offering is intended to present pathways of choice.



Voice Activation

Unleash the sounds of the body. Liberate the sounds of your story.


This offering gifts the recipient with the space to sing, scream, wail, laugh, and breathe. The body holds so much, and every other species understands the importance of shaking and sound-making. By consciously creating space for the exploration of your emotional landscape through sound, the body is freed from old stories and past traumas.

Singing for the first time? Professional performer?

All Are Welcome.


Conscious Coaching

Coaching each level of consciousness, this experience is for those who desire a deep-dive into self, soul, and spirit while exploring radical kindness and self-compassion.


Travel through your conscious awareness with mindfulness mentorship. Explore the subconscious mind to witness the roots of patterns and belief systems using hypnotherapy and guided imagery. And strengthen your intuitive muscle to go forward in this life as your own guru.


(Includes 3 Sessions)

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