Stop Asking “What Do I Do???” and Start Asking HOW

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Stop Asking “What Do I Do???” and Start Asking HOW To Do It.

“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are more people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

Systemic racism means just that, systemic. This movement, this planet doesn’t need 900 Bettys and 2,000 Joeys doing the same white ally work. The world needs systemic change within each and every system, environment, corporation, and industry. 

With that said, what is the work you do now?

Basic Business?

Customer Service?

Beauty Industry?


Yoga Instructor?

Do you love what you do? (If not, come back for a future blog post about this.)

Yes? Well, then…. KEEP DOING IT.

But, how?

How do we shift systems that are either overtly or subtly racist?

I invite you to ask yourself...


Here are more questions to consider based on your industry.

Basic Business

What businesses are you collaborating with? Black-owned small businesses? Who are you promoting within your company? Who is your “ideal” client and how do you make your marketing approach more inclusive to represent a wider population who could use your services? Are you being paid more than another employee for the same or less work?

Customer Service

Are you paying attention to your implicit bias? Are you treating each customer with respect and grace, even in frustrating conversations? Are you making assumptions about certain populations and continuing stereotypes in your water-cooler chats with co-workers? Are you laughing at jokes that aren’t funny to appease the racist boss at work? Are you reporting this kind of behavior to HR or simply ignoring it?

Beauty Industry

Who are you centering???? What bodies, skin tones, and products are you marketing as part of your business? Who is YOUR “ideal” client and are you inclusive in your outreach, marketing, and customer relations?


What is the historical context of your work? Who in your genre have you taken inspiration from? GIVE THEM CREDIT. Know where your style generates from and honor the ancestors that gifted you the foundation for your creations. Google "cultural appropriation." Then check out this resource from a beloved friend to check yourself. > HERE


Are you honoring and acknowledging the people whose practice you utilize on a daily basis? Are you directly profiting from wisdom that is not from your religious background or ancestral history? How are you allocating funds to make reparations for the practices that you are personally profiting from? Are you complicit in spiritual consumption by promoting products that your followers and clients don’t actually need in order to reach spiritual enlightenment? If you are selling products, are you finding ethically sourced products where the people and places who brought you these products are respected through a live-able wage and honoring the land where the product was sourced? Learn more HERE.

These are just a few industries. Can you imagine diving into each and every one?

We have the opportunity to make a global consciousness shift.

We need passionate people living sustainable and beautiful lives, doing work that they love, and shifting HOW they are doing this work to dismantle white supremacy.

It DOES start with each and every one of us. Start now. DO something. Just do the thing that makes you come alive while more consciously decolonizing and creating anti-racist practices integrated and embedded in your work.

You can be happy, fulfilled, sustainable AND fight the system at the same time. Yes, it’s true.

Holy Shift, Batman! Let’s get to work!


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