Psychic Reading

What Is This?

What To Expect


How To Prepare

Channeled through clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing), information enters my being and flows freely to you, the recipient. 

You can expect insight and empowerment through the illumination of the paths before you. We are all in choice, in every single moment. My job is to remove the fog from your vision so that you can see how much choice you really have and see even more clearly your desired action.

You'll receive the psychic reading live via Zoom audio once you schedule by clicking BOOK IT. For questions before the reading, check out How To Prepare below or FAQs + Policies.

You may choose between a 30 min. or 75 min. reading. 

Once you click BOOK IT (above) and schedule a time that suits you, you'll receive an invoice via email. Please come prepared to say during the reading your full name, birth date, areas of curiosity in your life, and questions you might have at this time. 

I psychically connect to the sound of your voice. Because of this and the fact that visual stimulation can be distracting during the channeling experience, I offer live Zoom readings with AUDIO ONLY. 

You will receive an email with the recording from your psychic reading immediately after our Zoom audio call. 

GET CLEAR. What are the doors you wish to open right now? What are the ones naturally closing? Who are you curious about and how do you seek to be in fulfilling relationships? 

By asking yourself these questions through your own self-inquiry, you will have direction and energetic focus on the areas of your life that you desire the most clarity. This helps the process.

That's it! I'll take care of the rest.


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