Voice Activation


What Is This?

What To Expect


How To Prepare

Through holistic vocal coaching, you have the opportunity to see into your own voice. From the throat, mouth, jaw and vocal folds to the sounds of grief, joy, and anger - this process provides the space for empowerment through self expression.

When I know the workings of any muscle in my body, psyche, or spirit, I can create from a place of awareness and mindfulness. This gives me CHOICE to use my voice in all the ways I want to while expanding the health of my entire system. 

THIS is the power of coaching the WHOLE body, whole person, and all the sounds and stories that accompany each individual.


Sing Yourself To Health!

You can expect to listen in, witness your somatic experience, sing through silliness, and breathe consciously. 

Each session begins with a silent sit. Through just a couple minutes of meditation, the breath has a chance to arrive and you have a chance to come into the vocal system, truly witnessing. By entering the vocal system with mindfulness, the choice becomes YOURS to see how you operate in order to shift it in any way you wish. 

If you are interested in this offering to "better your voice," know this....

-I do not believe in "better."

-This process offers you more of yourself. By being engaged with the spaces inside your body and within the stories of self, it's a natural byproduct to sound more and more like yourself, which ends up being more fulfilling than "better."

-Clients leave feeling STRONGER in their voices, expression, and whole bodies because of the amount of CHOICE and control they now have within their voice.

Through the power of witnessing and the playfulness of vocal coaching exercises unique to the experience I provide, the process of getting to know your voice, inside and out, is easy, joyful, and empowering.

By clicking on the button below, "BOOKING FORM," you'll be guided to a form that allows me to get to know you a bit better. From there, I will respond via email with a scheduling link.


Once scheduled, you will receive both invoice and Zoom link via email.  As described above, the Zoom session will start with a short meditation, bringing you into your somatic experience, and then we get to play!


Through "warming around" (versus warming up) I intuitively listen in to hear your natural tone, range, and other qualities that help me notice how your system works internally. Throughout the 50-minute session, you'll sing, we'll make weird sounds together, we'll move our bodies, and you'll leave knowing yourself a bit more.

Because this process includes the body, please wear something that you can comfortably move, sing, and sit in.


Please bring a song in mind, not one that you rehearsed, but simply a song you L O V E to sing, whether belting out in your car or singing softly in the shower. This song needs to feel alive when you sing it.

Please have a full water bottle with you and make sure that you will be 100% alone without interruptions for the duration of the 50-minute session.

I understand this may be difficult during Covid. If you need to creatively include your child, just say so in the booking form below in the section that asks, "Anything else you'd like to share with me?"

Lastly, breathe. I know singing in front of someone else can create nervousness. Know that this isn't wrong. Trust your body and breathe into it. This is a space for liberation and that also means FUN! Sing with you soon!

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